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Little Miss Face Mask – Review πŸ’—



Hi all,

Who doesn’t love a sheet mask that makes you look ridiculously stupid but funny.Β 

This is the case with the Little Miss the morning after face mask. The bestie bought me this as a get your own back as i always get her a silly facemask especially at christmas!Β 

I was going to include the back cover picture but realised there isn’t really anything on there, except the usual face mask instructions of put on leave for 15 and take off.

The only description of what the mask should so is on the front cover and it says ‘Recharge and revitalize hydrating sheet mask’. I will admit i do like more of a description of the mask is supposed to do, so do wonder if these masks are more for fun then skin care? I could be wrong, i mean they do work and do hydrate the skin but not sure if there is more a fun element then skin care element.

As promised the photo which i cant work out is funny or just plain scary! (i know the bunny ears dont help haha)Β 


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