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BeautyPro – CBD Oil – Sheet Mask – Review πŸ’—

Hi all,

CBD oil, how is everyone feeling about CBD oil?Β 

This is my first experience with it, i dont know how i felt about it at first, like when all the skin care brands went CBD mad i was a bit unsure, it was quite overwhelming as everyone went CBD mad. There was skin care and make up coming out. Milk make up i think was the first brand to use CBD correct me if i am wrong! Then make up revolution soon followed suit.

I dont quite know what i expected from a face mask, this come from Glossybox i believe. Part of me was like is it going to smell like weed (i know i can be naive) but i suppose there might be someone else out there that thought the same. If it did that would have put me off using it for sure.

I then thought is the sheet mask going to be green (was my imagination going too far?)Β 


Turns out it was a purely normal sheet mask, and smelt of Aloe Vera.

I love Beauty Pro masks, and i don’t have any complaints other then my same old to much residue left.

I will say after using this face mask the redness on my face went down a hell of a lot after using this face mask. I really noticed it, as my face goes red constantly and it actually made me feel alot better about wearing no make up. With these results i would deffo invest in this mask again and i would even look at trying other skin care product with CBD oil in. Totally changed my mind about it!


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