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Hi All,

Sorry for the gap in posting but I have been sunning it up in the beautiful country of Spain. I went to Portaventura La Penida part of Spain.

My boyfriend and me went with my parents and lil brother and his girlfriend. It was the first proper family holiday we have had in ages. We chose Portaventura as it had the theme park and water parks. My family and I aren’t very good at sitting and doing nothing. As we are Disney World Florida addicts its hard to go from a mega busy holiday to a do nothing lol.

We stayed in the aqua splash Hotel Estival Park 1. The hotel was lovely.  Nice sized pool, amazing food. the staff were very friendly only downside was they didn’t speak much English so was quite hard to communicate with them. We booked via Thomson but I have to say the holiday reps were useless. They didn’t make any effort to talk to you and didn’t know much about what we could do in the area.

I was so surprised by the food in the hotel I am quite a fussy eater so expected to have issue but I didn’t have one. Food every night was delicious! they could have had more on offer desert wise (I missed my cheesecake 🙁 ) but other then that food was great. We went all inclusive and we had breakfast lunch and dinner for one day but it was just too much, so stuck with breakfast and dinner and went to the snack bar if we felt peckish.

The evening entertainment wasn’t much to go on. The best night we had hula dancers they were amazing. They danced to Moana songs which won my vote 🙂 but other then that there wasn’t much entertainment. The shows didn’t start till 10pm with nothing before hand for the kids.

We could literally walk out the back of our hotel across the road and you were on the beach! it was lovely being so close we had a supermarket and lots of little shops all down the front. We must have walked that strip a hundred times lol.


We visited the Portaventura World theme park, the rides were amazing. It used to be Universal Studios but it got changed. For an avid Florida goer it was fun for me and my brother to guess which universal rides some of the rides used to be. They have still kept the Woody Woodpecker theme throughout the park.

We visited 2 different Waterparks, Portventura Caribe (connected with the theme park). and Aquapolis (literally just a 10 minute walk from our hotel). Aquapolis we had unlimited access with our hotel, and 2 be honest it was the smallest of the 2 parks. We got round the whole water park in a morning, and we didn’t have a major excitement to go back. The Caribe waterpark was much better. More slides better pools and a lazy river. It is hard for us as we compare everything to Florida which we shouldn’t do.

I also went to the hotel’s onsite spa for treatments and oh was it so worth the 50 Euro price tag.

It looked lovely, we had access to the pools with our hotel just had to pay for treatments. I  picked the Kindao list of treatments. I was going to have just a facial but for the same price I got 4 treatments all be in shorter time frames. The lady started with the skin peel with mineral salts. I had to lay on a treatment bed while she scrubbed my skin with mineral salts. It was so nice, it made me feel so clean, the hardest part was my feet, they are so ticklish so with someone trying to rub scrub on them was some what hard work lol. Once I was scrubbed I had to go under a shower to get the excess salts off. My skin felt to smooth after the shower it was amazing.

I then had a Silk Skin Wrap. The therapist put the Silk wrap all over then wrapped me in a towel, it felt like a really thick moisturiser. While that was on I got a mini facial consisting of a cleanse toner and a mask. Once the mask was on she then added the oxygen face helmet (only way to describe it lol) it looked like I was an astronaut, anyone not realising it was a treatment would have found it hilarious.

Having to stay in the wrap and oxygen for 15 minutes once complete, I had a relaxing massage to soak in the excess wrap cream. I could have laid there forever lol.

I got home yesterday afternoon, so posts will now be running as normal. Holiday blues have well and truly kicked in, but needs must and work is calling haha!

Speak soon lovelies.

Creative Kate <3

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