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Hello 2021………Goodbye 2020

Dear 2020,

Lets be honest you weren’t the best year was you?

I kind of blinked and you were gone but yet so much happened.

In January I had a big change I became single for the first time in 12 years. and this is where this paragraph stops. I’m not ready to go into the full story id like to keep it private. Just know that I am ok!

Then we head to March where we had Lockdown 1.0 and working become working from home.

I actually like my job (sometimes!) I do feel lucky with my jobs and if you had done any of my previous jobs you would agree. Normally working from home would have to be approved with a valid reason. The first time I don’t remember my reason but I had to and I felt so cocky at home, I was excited to stay in my pjs watch tv and sit on my bed. (any boss reading this of course I didn’t do this haha)

Fast forward to 2020 (insert fast forward noise here) now we are having to work from home because the government said so! There is a difference between wanting to work from home and having too.

I became a team leader in April 2019, before I completed my first year we were in lockdown 1.0 and there was me trying to manage a team of people from my bedroom.

At first it was ok there was a little hype as my team wasn’t a team who would work from home often, the hype didn’t last long. Day in Day out working in my room, my work breaks (if I gave myself any!) were in my living room. The only place we could go out was Tesco’s!

After a while working from home got frustrating, I missed my team, I missed walking into my boss’s office just to moan. The best socialising we got in lockdown was the new normal right now. Video calls.

When we got to break free albeit for a little while we got to go into the office, I was actually excited. To be honest I didn’t actually do a lot of work that day I was too be busy catching up with other people who were in the office. Having real life conversations in person it sounds so stupid but nowadays its great to sit with someone and have a conversation. and its things like that you miss

Before long we were back in lockdown, back at home. Back at working from my dressing table on a camping chair. I couldn’t do it I knew this was for the long haul so I bought a desk and a proper chair and it is so much better. and dya know what I’ve just got used to it now like everyone else who is having to work from home.

Another snippet of my life my dad caught covid during the first outbreak, My dad never gets ill, in fact me and mum thought he was exaggerating. When his breathing got worse we was like hold on this could be covid. We spoke to the doctor and got it confirmed. Ive never seen him like it, it scared me I’m not going to lie. We got very very close to him having to go to the hospital but thankfully he got through it like the strong man he is.

My little brother decided to become a big man and move out to his own flat with Stephanie. With lockdown everything got pushed back and pushed back until everything could be finalised. The flat is perfect and totally them. Im not going to lie and say I don’t miss him, living with him for 25 years I think i’m going to notice when he’s not around. its certainly a lot quieter haha! the only touch I had with this was taking over his bedroom haha his bedroom is now my ‘beauty’ room. No tours yet haha

Mental Health was a big focus during lockdown, with so many people being cooped up at home, not able to see friends, family it can really take its toll. I wasn’t sure what my mental health would do. But I think my OCD and anxiety actually got a bit better over the course of 2020. The comfort I feel in my bedroom where all my stuff is, where I know where everything is. Everyone is at home and safe. I just felt settled. I really focused on myself in 2020 and its what I really needed to be selfish and think of myself. I even managed to declutter some of my hoardings which is an amazing achievement for me.

2020 you weren’t the best year but you did give me time to focus on me!

2021 I now look to you, where you will lead us we don’t know yet but we shall see along as there is happiness it’ll be an alright year!

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