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What’s in your handbags makeup bag? 

So lovelies I’m sure we all have one what do you keep in your make up bag which is in your handbag???

Now I will admit I am not one of those girls who carries her full make up bag with her everywhere she goes 🙈 I don’t really do make up touch ups throughout the day other then lippy!

That’s why I prefer long lasting foundation etc!!

So what is in my bag???!!!

Firstly can we admire the bag in general Primark special Beauty and the Beast it’s so pretty!!!!

You always gotta have the medicines with you the likes of paracetamol etc surely everyone carries it?? Although I am called the walking pharmacy in the office maybe I worry too much 🤔

My glasses cleaner- Essential gotta have clean glasses! It’s a bit yuck now but get my new glasses soon so will have a fresh new one!

Boots own nail glue- gotta be done just in case. Now I am on a spree of sticking my own nails on it a must to be carried around. They don’t come off often but when they do u hit panic stations!

Baby Lips lipbalm – amazing stuff I am always putting on make up or no make up I hate dry lips!

A mirror – Disney (Obviously!) needed for reapplication of lippy! Also another reason for not carrying around my full make up bag I am blind without glasses on so would have to carry my handheld mirror to reapply my bag is full enough with out it!

The lippy of the day I happen to be wearing! Needed for reapplication! Today’s is Make up revolution in don’t bring me down I love this colour and the smell is amazing it’s like candy floss!

And last but not least a nail file you always gotta have one of them!

So that’s mine I would be intrigued to see what you guys carry??  Are you minimal like me or carry the world?

I’d love to carry more if I wasn’t 1-blind 2- didn’t already have the world and a kitchen sink in my hand bag 😂

Til later lovelies

Creative Kate ❤️

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  1. I love the beauty and beast bag! I think I’m pretty minimal on what I carry with me too – just concealer and a lip product usually for me. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Yeah sometimes it’s good to be minimal 😊😊

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