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Glossybox – Social Media Masterclass

Hiya lovelies

I was so happy i was able to attend yet another event organized by the amazing Glossybox team.

This time it was a social media masterclass held at the St Pauls Coppa Club. The Coppa club is located opposite St Pauls, lovely view if you manage to get a seat in the window!!

We were greeted by the always lovely girls Emma and Coryn, love that its always the same faces. The girls are so welcoming and so helpful. We are getting to the point where the 4 of us bloggers (Me, Danielle, Katharine and Heather) are becoming part of the glossy furniture. Emma even classed us as the ‘Glossy Squad’ haha!

My brunch was amazing! I went for the Skillet Breakfast, and an orange juice. It was very filling.

It was interesting at the start of the masterclass listening to all the other girls who had come down for the event. Not all of us were beauty bloggers like myself. We had people from event planning, HR people who cover companies social media.

The girls done really well, and managed to keep topic open for everyone, not just beauty related.


Before i start i have to say Zoom in on Emma and check our her highlight!! Beautiful!!

The girls spoke about the best way to use social media, they covered the main medias, Instagram, facebook and twitter.

They gave some really good hints and tips, (as you would have noticed i am using my insta stories now!) Emma works for Glossybox’s social media so is really in tune with the dos and dont’s around social media. Turns out twitter is a really good way of showing off your personality as its quick and you can just rattle off tweets being as witty as you like!

I do love going to a Glossybox event, and no its not for freebies (they are a bonus!) i love seeing the girls. Its great getting to see Katharine and Heather, and Emma and Coryn now! Getting to catch up, i think every girl is always in need of a girlie catch up!

It wouldn’t be a glossy event without getting a glossy pencil! (FYI Emma Coryn any future events will be terrible without one!) and we got an amazing Glossybox tote bag its massive! going to be so handy to keep around.

anyways until my next post

speak soon Lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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  1. Hi sweet, I have nominated you for the Liebster award!

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