Date Night – Cars 3


Hi All

So last night was date night <3

Me and Luke are Odeon limitless members, this means we pay a simple £19.99 a month and get to go to the cinema as often as we like 🙂 We got these as an excuse to go out more, and who doesn’t love a good movie.

I am going to try and blog a review about each film we see from now on.

So last nights film was Cars 3 (of course!)

Cars is a Disney Pixar original, Luke loves them, he is a massive fan of formula one so i knew he would like these. Me its Disney so i obviously love it.

Cars 3 sees Lightening McQueen racing when all of the new hybrid cars come into racing. You see Lightening realize he is getting part of the older generation of racing cars.

I think this film is much better then Cars 2. I love the original, especially when lightening and Mater go cow tipping LOL! Cars 2 was ok but not brilliant. This one was really good. Kids will love it, all the racing and i absolutely love Cruise! i am even thinking about when i get a new car calling her Cruise haha!

They have kept all the original characters and added some new ones like Cruise. I always prefer it when they keep characters and not change them up completely.

I recommend this to all Disney fans, just watch out for the crazy school bus!! (watch it to find out what i mean!)

Speak Soon Lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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