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Beauty Pro- Eye Therapy Mask 

Hey Lovelies,

So i tried the Beauty Pro Eye mask the other night.

First thing i need to say which is great, you get 3 lots of masks in the packet! Which i think is great value. So as i had 3 i got Hubby to a set as well 🙂

So glad he indulges me and lets me make him do these things haha

There was no issue with application, they are basically gel pads where you remove the clear coating and put under your eyes, and wait 20 minutes.

My only hang up with them, is they aren’t cooling, for some reason i like to have a cooling mask on my eyes i find it more relaxing. That was my only downfall.

Hubby didn’t really take much notice, he’s a man cant expect him to see the difference haha.

I am finding a difference to my eyes from where i have started using eye cream and eye masks. I am finding them brighter and more awake looking haha

What do you guys do on your eyes?

Creative Kate <3

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