Girls Trip – Film Review


OMG get your girls together and get yourself down to see Girls Trip!

Hey lovelies,

I have been bugging hubby for ages to go and see Girls Trip with our Odeon Limitless cards. He finally agreed to go Saturday night. (I knew I would win haha!)

Omg this film is amazing and sooo funny. You see the ‘flossy posse’ get back together for a trip to New Orleans (really want to go there one day!). It shows how you and your group of friends grow up and go separate ways, get different jobs, have kids and get married. But you still need to fit in that friend time.

The film focuses heavily on Ryan Pierce (played by Regina Hall) and her idea to get the girls back together when she is call on a business trip to New Orleans.

This film is hilarious, a lot of the best bits are around Dina’s (Tiffany Haddish) character. She is definitely a brilliant add to the film.

The whole cinema was alive watching it, you heard everyone’s reactions when anything happened, i love being in the cinema when its like that. Even the men found it hilarious, my hubby especially.

It also makes me realize how much you do just need time with the girls every now and then. Just to let your hair down with them, chill out and have fun. Every girl needs girl time.

Now don’t just sit there reading about the film go and see it 🙂

Speak Soon Lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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