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Doing Make Up On London Transport – Girls How Do You Do It?!?!?!?!


Girls how do you do it?!?!?!?!?!

I work in the city, and i am lucky enough to be able to get a bus straight to work.

I can guarantee every day i see at least one lady doing her make up on the bus. They sit there all calm make up bag on lap, and just get on with it.

I really don’t get how you lovelies can do it!!

One – I’m blind so would need my big handheld mirror with me!

Two- I can’t do quick make up, i have to do a full face or no face (OCD sufferer over here!!!)

Three – you are on a moving bus, how do you do make up while moving and being shoved around!!!!

I really hold my hands up to anyone that can do make up on buses, tubes, trains. Any moving transport. I know it probably takes practice, but where i have to do a complete full face i just don’t think i would get it done in the time it takes to get work.

I watch when the girls are sitting there doing it, i quite enjoy watching other people do their make up, seeing their techniques, what they do differently from me, can i pick up tips by the way they do things. I am not a make up master so if i can pick up a new tip or technique i never knock it.

Anyways it just amazes me that there are lovelies out there who can do it and i admire you!

Can you do your make up on the move?

Creative Kate <3

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