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My Nail Idea


So I had an idea recently, I am currently trying to save money as I have a couple holidays this year! I normally always go and get my nails done, this ranges from costing me from Ā£10 up to Ā£25 if I do them near work. (I work in the City hence the price increase).

I know its a nice to go and get pampered and us girls do deserve to do it, but sometimes needs must.

So I bet you are all as bad as me and have loads of nail varnishes sitting around, which you don’t always remember to take with you when you go to get your nails done. This means you pick a colour from their range and yours don’t get used.

I thought sod this as I begrudge buying new nail varnishes when they don’t get used except for painting my toe nails. I read on the beauty app I use Veleza (follow me same name as Insta Creativekate89) that people were raving about the false nails from Primark. I know, I know its Primark but surprisingly they are really good.

I went over to Marble Arch the weekend and raided the Primark nails as you can see in the above pic, then looked in Superdrug and found boxes of plain nails ready to be painted. I got them in 3 shapes, square, oval and stiletto. I have so many nail varnishes and nail stickers. I even have a printing kit for nails! which I never use but I now have no excuse with these nails. I can either stick them on then decorate or decorate first. and its not like I’m not creative enough, I could even go crazy with gemstones etc the options are limitless I can’t wait to get started.

I’m starting with the ready to wear Primark nails, just put a nude set on for this week, with a aim to change every week.


I have had these on since Sunday it’s now Tuesday and I have only had to reglue 4 times I think. I bought I different glue to the one they come with. I bought a Superdrugs own which comes like a varnish in brush form, so much easier for application!

I bought one to keep on my desk at work, I lost one in work and nearly died haha I had a meeting later that day and did not want to turn up with a nail missing, that to me is just shameful lol.

But since then they have been pretty sturdy so don’t see why they won’t last the full 7 days I need them too!

I will keep you updated as my designs emerge and I try different techniques getting creative! give it a few weeks and I can upload a gallery!

Anyway thought I’d share this idea with you, if any of you out there are saving or just don’t have the money there are easy options out there!

Speak soon

Creative Kate <3

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