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Primark Lip Colours – Yay or Nay 🤔💄

Hey Lovelies!!!

So we all know i love a bit of Primark, i shop in there quite a bit. I am one of them who forgets herself in there and will just chuck loads of stuff in a basket get to the tills and be like aah so that’s how much i spent lol!

I don’t understand how some people can be so anti Primark, yes its cheap, yes the quality isn’t always brilliant but they have some nice stuff, and if you only get to wear somethings once so be it, it doesn’t cost the earth to replace!

My favourite thing to get in Primark is PJs i love them, every time i am in there i get more (then get told off by me mum haha!)  Their sizes are slowly getting better as previously i would have to go up 2 sizes to get to fit, but they are better now.

Anyway i have noticed more and more people talking about Primark make up. My cousin even asked if i had tried any which i hadn’t i have only used their false nails from the beauty range (Amazing BTW) . So i thought why not, you know i love a lippy so what better things to test out. I have kept notes on each of the lippys as i have worn them through the day. Have a read i would love to see if you agree:


First up with have the Primark PS XXL Plump in shade Whatever.

  • Price is £2
  • Brush is easy to apply with
  • The formula tingles when its applied, i believe this is because it is supposed to plump the lips, i didn’t see any difference to be honest.
  • Formula isn’t sticky dries nice.
  • Does leave colour marks on cups etc but you don’t lose the colour on your lips which is good, doesn’t need loads of reapplying.


2nd I tried the Primark PS – Super matte Lipstick – no shade name.

  • First thing there is no shade name and no branding on the actual lipstick casing. If you stored this without the clear box it comes in you would have no idea of the name for future reference. (I am guessing this is why it was only a £1 as no branding would save money)
  • Colour is nice and subtle a good everyday shade.
  • When applying you need to press relatively hard to apply the colour.
  • Casing i feel is not secure, the actual lipstick is very wobbly, it feels like the stick may snap off.
  • Colour does last, but starts to crack and did make my lips go dry.
  • there is a positive LOL – you don’t get any colour marks on cups etc.


Lastly was Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade 07 – Kendall.

  • Application is easy with a large applicator brush.
  • Ensure lips are moisturized before application as lips can feel grity if your lips are dry before hand.
  • Pigment and colour is a lovely nude – (shade is Kendall so thinking after Kendall Jenner maybe?)
  • Colour lasts all day – i put this on at 7:30am and didn’t need to reapply until i left work at 5:30pm.
  • No lip marks left anywhere.

So that’s 3 different lip colour types from Primark summed up. By far the best was the Super Matte Liquid Lipstick, i would look at other shades of this next time i am in doing a shop. For £2 you can’t go wrong. The worst has to be the Super Matte Lipstick, i just don’t feel like it would last, the casing wasn’t appealing other then being pink and the lipstick is going to snap off at any moment, this will be hitting my bin i feel.

How do you all get on if you have tried Primark make up?

Creative Kate <3

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