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Hey Lovelies,

I know I know I am behind on some blog posts, I haven’t been very well, anyone who follows me on Insta will see I have recently had to deal with Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a facial nerve palsy where the nerves and muscles in your face stop working. (not the most attractive of looks). It’s finally wearing off, so I can get back into my loves: going out, wearing make up and blogging!!

When you have Bell’s palsy the best remedy for it is plenty of rest and steroids. Which I have had for the last week. So I thought now I am over the worst of it lets get back to writing up some blogs, while I sit here watching the Hannah Montana movie :).

Right so back to the actual reason for this post! My trip to Longleat Centre Parcs with Hubby for a double celebration of his birthday and our 10 year anniversary. (yes we have been together for 10 years!!!)

Centre Parcs is lovely its a huge forest with plenty of accommodation from Cabins, apartments, villas and treehouse’s. We stayed in an executive apartment and omg was it amazing! It was like our own little flat from a lovely little kitchen and balcony. A massive bed and amazing bath and shower facilities. There was no fault with the accommodation at all, I could have lived there forever!

In the middle of the forest was a main plaza which housed all the restaurants, shops and pool.


The pool was amazing! it was part indoor and part outdoor. The outdoor pool was heated it was like being in the bath. We went swimming on the Sunday it started raining and we were in the outdoor pool not bothered by it! I mean outdoor swimming in September!!!

On the Saturday we went to Longleat Safari park. It is literally 5 minutes drive from Centre Parcs. It houses the largest Sealion enclosure in Europe with a mile and half lake. you also get the chance to interact with other animals as well, which you don’t get with a normal zoo. I mean the meerkats were literally at our feet, it was lovely to see you really get to experience animals face to face rather then behind glass. Take a look at some of the pics below of the little friends we made:

There is also an option for a drive thru safari, now if you are brave enough to drive through then I salute you. I love my car to much to trial it lol. So if you are like me and not brave you can just pay £5 and get on a double decker bus through the safari. It was great to see all the animals in they big enclosures. The size of the enclosures is brilliant, they have free roam even if they want to sit in the middle of the road in front of the cars they can 🙂

The weekend was amazing and so peaceful, very rare to get phone signal which was actually quite nice for the break. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend it with <3

I would highly recommend a weekend break at centre parcs but I will warn you it can work out expensive especially if you want to do loads of on site activities. if you can save up and pre book activities before you get there I would recommend it!

Anyways thats about it on my Centre Parcs experience I’d love to hear yours if you’ve been!

Speak soon lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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