Stranger Things – TV Review 


Hey Lovelies,

So OMG who has watched the Netflix original Stranger Things???

People in my office have been bugging and bugging me to watch it. I am not a big TV watcher i prefer films. The only TV programmes i am so into are The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Once Upon A Time. I was hearing so many people talking about it so thought ok lets try this.

Luckily i settled down to watch it while i was off sick with Bell’s Palsy, the first season is only 8 episodes so managed to do season 1 in one day!

When it first started i thought it was a random one, i wasn’t quite sure where it was going. From the boy going missing – to strange beings in the wall.

I do love how its set in the 70’s/80’s, back when aliens and outerbeings were quite a big thing in America. It’s funny how they always set these things in a small town not a big population. Does make you wonder how people survive out in the sticks in the US LOL.

I loved the friendship of the boys in this, it kind of reminded me of the goonies and stand by me. They are so committed to finding their friend, and how they treated eleven was lovely.

I am also glad Nancy has the personality change, to go from desperate teenager to brave alien slayer. I love seeing female characters grow into independent women who can stand on their own 2 feet.

To be honest its still replaying in my mind as to what actually is going on what with the upside down in the lab etc so will be good to see how they carry it on in season 2.

I’d love to know what you guys thought of it!

Creative Kate <3

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