Descendants 2 – Film Review πŸ’—


Who else has managed to see Descendants 2 on Disney yet?

I was so excited for this to come out, I read the book (Descendants – Isle of the Lost) which is the perfect introduction to the first film.

It’s not a necessity to read the book before the first film, the film explains itself but because I found out it was there I wouldn’t watch the first film til I read it.

The Descendants is basically all the kids from Disney characters, (Cruella De’vil, Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar, Belle, fairygod mother)

The main focus is on the villain’s children, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos and them adjusting to life at the Aurodon Prep school.

It is a typical Disney channel original movie, lots of singing dancing. This by far is my favorite of the original movies.

So part 2 shows Mal struggling with becoming a lady of the court, and wanting to go back to her roots at the Isle.

The songs in this film are so catchy, I have the album downloaded on Apple music!

My favourite character in this, isn’t even a main one. I love Izzy (granddaughter of Lady Tremain) I love her little character she just makes me laugh.

How did all my fellow Disney addicts find the film?

Keep chillin like a villain

Creative Kate <3

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