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Superdrug’s foot nourishing sock pack in Honey and Almond 

Hey lovelies 💗

I suffer from quite dry feet, and I swear by soap and glorys heel genius. When I see these in Superdrug’s I thought let me give these a try.

They are like a plastic bag sock with moisturiser in, that u sit with for 20 minutes.

They don’t come as separate socks u have to cut them apart which is probably to avoid sock leakages.

When u take the socks off there is a lot of residue still, u can rub some of it in but did find it is still was there so I put on my bed socks just to allow the rest to soak in.

You don’t see a difference straight away I do think this will take a couple of tries to see an effect. I do have another one to try so once I try that one I will let you know!

Until then lovelies

Creative Kate ❤️

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