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Avon – Big And False Lash Volume Mascara – Review πŸ’—


Hey Lovelies,

Mascara review for you!

So I have just finished using Avon’s Big & False Lash mascara.

I can’t say I regularly purchase from Avon, and if I do it’s normally only Mascara, as I have had some good ones from them.

This one I believe came as a gift set, one of their spend so much get this set free.

When I first started using it, I really like it the brush was good and it really coated my lashes well. After a while though I found it dried out really quick, and it was just too thick on my lashes.

My Lashes felt gritty even when id taken it off, it felt like it was still there. I also had clumps of it fall off like I could scrap it off. (not nice at all)

In the end I gave up with it, not sure if there is a way to thin out mascara possible might have needed it towards the end?

How much Avon do you guys use?

Creative Kate <3

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