Star Wars – The Last Jedi πŸ’— Film Review πŸ’—

Hey Lovelies

I finally went to see the new Star Wars film who else has seen it??

I was hearing so many bad things about it, it made me really weary about watching it.

I went with Hubby who is like Star Wars crazy and I will be honest came out moaning about different things from the last 2 films!

Walking out of this one we were both pleasantly surprised! No moans from Hubby (always a bonus haha!)

My only complaint was that I felt the film dragged on timewise! I don’t think it needed to be anywhere near how long it was.

*Spoiler Alert*

I also thought they were just copying the original story line, where Luke Skywalker goes to find Yoda and learns how to use the force while everyone else deals with what’s going on! I’m not sure if this was done for George Lucas as originally the plan was for the Jedi to be a girl and not Luke.

Also what’s with the connection between Kylo Ren and Rae it’s looking very much like siblings but not yet come out.

They have deffo left it open for another film (as always)

Was so good to still see Chewwy and R2 (my faves) and BB8 was hillarious!

What did u guys think?

Creative Kate ❀️

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