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McMafia – TV Review πŸ’—


Hey Lovelies,

Time for one of my TV show reviews and Thoughts,

So who has watched McMafia on the BBC?

I watched it via iPlayer it is only 8 episodes long for the first series,

It is about Alex, a man from a Russian family, who has to turn to some dirty deeds to get revenge for his uncle.

First off it was very slow and hard to get into. It kept swapping to a random story of a girl getting kidnapped to Alex meeting with ‘investors’ in other countries. In the end the stories all tied up but at first it was confusing.

The story was very real, and you can see that you could be surprised how many people could actually live like it.

I did enjoy it, not too sure how they are going to carry it on if they do.Β The story does show the lengths some people have to go to for family, but the secrets and lies just seem to much.

let me know your thoughts?

Creative Kate <3

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