Dancing Queen – Netflix Review 💗


Introducing Alyssa Edwards!!!!

Dancing queen is new on Netflix, its like a documentary/reality show. It follows Justin Johnson and the running of his dance company Beyond Belief. By day Justin is training his team of dancers ages ranging from 7-17. By night Justin transform into the legendary Alyssa Edwards.

Justin was made famous by appearing on RuPauls drag race.

I think his transformation into Alyssa is incredible. The act is superb. The make up the hair the costumes I love it all!

The season starts with Justin announcing he is going to pick certain dance students to become part of his elite travelling dance company. Taken them all over the country to compete in dance competitions.

It feels a bit like Dance Moms if any of you have seen that. The moms are so strict with the kids, and so intense. I love the support they have for the kids but sometimes the support is too much. The kids generally look really stressed, I feel like yes dancing is hard but you should enjoy it.

In the background you do see Justin’s personal life, and see him trying to reconnect with his sisters. You hear a bit about his personal life and how he has a drag family who he is closer to then his blood family. As the big brother he is trying to make amends with his sisters. He does seem to have quite a big family and I am really happy the connected up again and for some were able to see Alyssa perform for the first time.

If you love dance, drag or angry dance moms this is a show for you.


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