Making A Murderer Part 2 – Netflix Review 💗


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Anyone who watched part 1 of Making a Murderer, was probably left with the same sort of feelings. It looks fixed, the police set up Steven Avery.

Part 2 is a catch up in the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey who were convicted of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

The first series left a lot of mixed views and feelings especially over in the US. I understand the want for justice for Teresa but I also understand the want for fair trials for Steven and Brendan.

The last part of series one showed Brendan and Steven go to prison for life sentences. Series 2 is picking up where this left off showing the appeals the pair are going through to turn their convictions around.

Steven hires a new lawyer called Kathleen Zellner. Who is well known in the US for having convictions turned around and having her clients released from federal prison.

Kathleen starts a whole new investigation, starting from scratch and looking at all the evidence again. She has scientists go over the so called DNA evidence the state used in the original trial. She finds so many holes in their explanations and their evidence showing how it could not possibly be actual evidence. Kathleen starts to look at the possibility of a Denny (law speak for the person who actually could have completed the crime). The tests she completes actually leads the case towards Brendan’s brother Bobby Dassey, who spoke for the state on trial against Steven Avery.
The investigation for Steven Avery is still ongoing and it is showing more and more likely that he didn’t commit this crime.
Brendan’s case
Brendan’s case gets a bit frustrating, his lawyers appeal for an overturn of his conviction which gets approved by a judge.
The state put in for this not to happen, it goes to 3 judges who agree with the original judge to overturn. This is then appealed again by the state where this ends up in front of the 7 judges. (apologies cannot remember for the life of me what the groups are called). Brendan’s overturn is then refused by these judges, they were split 4-3. Brendan is now stuck in federal prison.
The evidence for this case just doesn’t make sense towards either Steven or Brendan. I just hope they can confirm who actually did hurt Teresa way back in 2005.

how do you feel about this case?


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