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Monday Night Lip Mask and Eye Mask

Hey Lovlies,

So last night in my prep to start the working week after a lovely bank holiday (sad face!) I thought i would go for a Lip Mask i picked up for £1.50 from Primark and a Superdrug’s own eye gel masks.

So the Lip mask was literally a last minute buy in my recent Primark run, it was one of the items they leave in the queue while you wait to pay. (i am a sucker for picking bits up in the queue) i see these and didn’t realize lip masks exist.

And as i had a big stash of recently bought make up (bad habit) i wanted to try all the lippies i bought so decided to do it all on Sunday night (as you do!) and as you can imagine this made my lips quite rough from trying them on and taking it off and repeating. (yes i got very lippy happy when i was shopping you will see these start appearing in posts on my insta)

So due to this i thought i will try it out and also add on some eye masks to go with it.

Now being Primark too be honest i wasn’t expecting miracles, its basically a gel patch you put over your mouth. when i took it out there were some ripped edges when i can only put down to transporting and shelf stocking. But to give Primark their due it was actually really good. The result was instant moisture i found and my lips really needed it. I would definitely buy these again and will look out for more lip masks in future.

The Eye Masks are Superdrugs own, i am getting more and more into these eye masks haha must be because i turned 28 haha.

These had a hint on the back of the packet of putting in the fridge, which i did for 10 minutes. I find eye masks are so much more refreshing when cold. I am a generally hot person so refreshing is always good 🙂 these were lovely although they did make me look like i had black eyes haha. I would deffo get these again.

I am trying to make sure that when i do any sort of mask i actually take the time to lock myself in my room and relax for 15 minutes. So often i will put a facemask on and still get on with other things, and what’s 15 minutes out of 24 hours, you have to give yourself some you time every now and then. I feel so much better for doing it as well, you get the full benefit of pampering yourself.

Anyways lovelies back to work i go have a good week

Creative Kate <3

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