Murder On The Orient Express – Film Review 💗

Hi All,

I do love me a movie 🙂

Me and the bestie had a girls night and went to see Murder on the Orient Express, (nothing to do with Johnny Depp at all honest!!)

So I love a murder mystery, I like all the old TV shows diagnosis murder (personal favorite), Murder she wrote (never live there!) Midsomer murders (everyone did it!).

This is based on an Agatha Christie novel, so I thought it must be good. This has been released years ago, never seen it so the whole story was all new to me.

Obviously Johnny Depp being in it is a big plus for me <3 although not the part where he ends up being the person murdered 🙁

I did like it, but didn’t find there was much of a build up.

The ending is the same as the original, but I wasn’t too impressed, if I am truly honest.

*Spoiler Alert*





Having everyone as the murderer is original, you don’t hear it often and the background behind it makes sense. But I just found it lazy, I am really sorry Ms Christie but the film cant have done your story justice.

I think the story must have been better in book form, it was one of them there which needed more background then the film gave.

what do you murder mystery fans think?

Creative Kate <3

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