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Hi Guys

Time for a random post lol

Do you people watch? Do you ever notice how people walk? How they dress? Their facial expression?

Ever wonder what their thinking? What their job role is? What their plans are for the day?

I do this all the time, and my imagination can run wild haha. I find the best time to do it is on my bus ride to work. Sitting on the top deck just watching out the window as people hussle and bussle through London going about their business.

I presume most people are on their way to work, but it’s not always the case. Some people could be on their way home from work, after working a night shift. Some could even be on the way home from a night out! (Come on we have all been there lol!)

I love just watching how people go through life, sounds weird but it puts my life into perspective for me. Sometimes people look so stressed and it’s written all over their faces. I would hate to think I am walking around looking like the world is on my shoulders.

So on this morning’s bus, I was looking at women (not in that way!) and didn’t realise how much you can tell a woman’s confidence by the way they walk. Then it struck me, what makes women confident?

Me, myself am not the most confident of people and I know this. But seeing some women walking around sloped shoulders head down is awful.

Even just adding a slight smile as girls seriously your resting bitch face does nothing for you on the street. Most girls reading this are probably thinking what have I got to smile about? I have work today? I have bills to pay? My partner left me?

Yes we all have these issues, and some of us have even worse issues to deal with. But a little smile will soon go along way! You could smile and get a job you love! You could smile in work and get a pay raise. You could smile and get a date for Friday night! A smile isn’t a lot to ask.

Another thing I thought of which is funny really? But has anyone else heard about wearing matching underwear making you feel more confident? If I am total honest it is true haha. If I’m wearing a nice matching set it does give your confidence a boost! You feel different, when you look good on the inside it shows on the outside!

So while watching these women on the bus this morning, I was debating with myself what colour underwear they could be wearing? Are they walking with the air of YES I am matching?

Most of the women I saw I was thinking standard nude, black and white. Possible matches and possible mixmatch. I see less than 20 walking with a confidence I could turn around and say she’s definitely wearing red matching or she’s in bright pink. Might not be matching but it’s bright!

Now me today i’m not matching or that bright and I am in a completely CBA mood.

This does seem like a random thing, and some of the ‘boring’ colours I said could very well be completely wrong, in fact these women could be wearing bright green or purple! I am nowhere near saying white, black and nude are boring. I own black, white and nude underwear!

It is just something I thought about, it’s amazing what you do think about when you people watch.

Next time you’re on a bus or even walking down the street, have a look around and have a think. Maybe play my little game of is she bright or boring.

Just take a bit more notice of people around you, you will find watching the public to be very interesting.

Creative Kate <3

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