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Time To Be Bridesmaid

So on Thursday 1st June, I had the extreme pleasure of being my friends bridesmaid, the day was hectic amazing and emotional all rolled into one.

Me and my boyfriend went down to the hotel Wednesday night, the bride and her family were already there. We all had a lovely meal together and then to bed for the hectic day πŸ™‚


The bride gave me these on the Wednesday night, Team Bride PJs (out of Asda’s if you can believe!) and I dressing gown which the groom printed Bridesmaid on the back, in of course Disney writing πŸ™‚

The day was start at 7am with hair at 8am. make up at half 9 all to be ready for half 1. But you know that saying the bride is always late, well of course we were late not arriving at the chapel until 2pm haha. The day was amazing the bride looked completely stunning!!! The BBQ buffet was good and we even had Morris dancers for entertainment. Not usually my cup of tea but they were fun to watch, even more so when they got people involved haha!

I will admit, I did get emotional at the service, not usually something that happens to me lol. I think it was being part of the whole planning of the wedding. (over a years worth of planning). And seeing my friend Tracey get married and she looked so happy! She is the first of my friends I got to see get married. I can’t even explain it, I was just so happy for her.

I thought I would share some of the photos from the day with you, including my full bridesmaid look and some of the bride and me and my boyfriend.


So this was me in full Bridesmaid πŸ™‚ I was so happy with how everything turned out once it was all put together. I think I scrub up pretty well haha.


Me and my amazing boyfriend Luke, (you will probs end up seeing quite a few pictures of him haha) he scrubs up pretty well too!



The Beautiful Bride Tracey, me and my gorgeous cousin Ann-Marie.IMG_0123.JPG

My ‘thanks for being my bridesmaid’ gift. Tracey knows me so well, she got me a handmade spoon pendant on a chain and had a Mickey Mouse head cut out of it. I absolutely love it, I haven’t stopped wearing it yet.


Hope you like the pictures from the amazing day and my quick run through of the events

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Creative Kate <3

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